Our Mission: Our mission is to fight against illiteracy particularly in the womenfolk 

Our Vision:  Our vision is to provide quality education to all, without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, race, sex, or religion.

Aims and Objectives: The core aims and objectives of PMWES are: 

  • To provide quality education to all at affordable cost or even at no cost.
  • To develop a spirit of brotherhood, fraternity, tolerance and respect. 
  • To inculcate critical thinking and creativity. 
  • To create awareness by introducing modern methods of education. 
  • To develop confidence and learn to value each individual on one’s merits. 

About us:


The story of the Pakistan Memon Women Education Society begins with the efforts and dedication of a lady Khadija Hajiani, generally known as “Khadija Maa”, who has no formal education and belonging to a middle-class family having limited financial resources.


In early 1948, a group of ladies headed by Mohtarma Khadija Hajiani visited the Governor House in Karachi to meet Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In his absence, her sister Fatima Jinnah met with the ladies, who want to start a school for girls in the old area of Karachi to cater the need of girl’s education. Fatimah Jinnah listens to them politely and realised the need of girl’s education at the time when there were little opportunities for boy’s education. After listening their views and dedication, she ordered the education department to allot a building for the girl’s school. 


Within a few weeks a building in Nankwada was allotted to Khadija Maa for the girl’s school. She immediately started the school in the name of Raunaq-e-Islam Girls School under the aegis of the “Pakistan Memon Women Educational Society” for running the school. Fortunately in the succeeding year, she succeeded getting another building in Kharadar area for the school and started in the same name in 1949


At that time, parents were not in favour of girl’s education; Khadija Maa motivated the communities living in those areas to educate their girls for the betterment and the need of the society. She succeeded in her efforts by admitting a good number of girl’s students. 


In 1964, the PMWES bought a 1.5-acre plot in F.B. Area for the school and builds a huge building on it and started the third school there in 1965. In the same year the society acquired a 


big building in Old Town and started Raunaq-e-Islam Girls College there. The total strength of students in all schools reached to 4000 at that time.


Unfortunately, in 1973, the Bhutto government nationalised all the schools and colleges in Pakistan. It was the worst decision of that government, which has pushed the education system far behind due to the negligence of those governments.


In 1985, considering the deteriorating level of education the Zia government de-nationalised the community schools and handed over the community schools to their communities. Khadija Maa was fortunate to take the possession of all the schools except the college, which was not given back due to government policy.


Mohtarma Khadija Maa left this world on 18th December 1990, leaving behind the purposeful institutions for the benefit of the nation. 


In 2002, the society has acquired Sarabai Hall in Bantva Complex at North Nazimabad and converted it to a Cambridge school in the name of Raunaq-e-Islam Sarabai School. Similarly, the society has started Cambridge section in F.B Area School along with Matric system. 


In 2010, the society started a Teachers Training Institute in the name of Memon Institute of Teachers Training at the F.B. area school. The training centre is running a one year Montessori Teachers Training Diploma course and providing free training courses to the teachers of government and other schools.


In 2012, the society started Intermediate classes by forming Raunaq-e-Islam Girls Higher Secondary School at F.B. area towards a goal of starting a Degree college for the girls in F.B. Area. Currently, approximately 3000 students are studying in all eight campuses.


The Pakistan Memon Women Educational Society is running all the schools by charging a nominal fee from the students. The society is providing financial help to the needy students with the help of philanthropists and donors to more than 35% of the total students, who could not afford to pay their tuition fees.


Since 2013, we are providing free annual teachers training at our F.B Area Campus to more than 300 teachers of Basic Education Community Schools run by Federal Government in the suburbs of Karachi. 


From 2015, the society started Free Raunaq-e-Islam Street to Schools and Raunaq-e-Islam Neighbourhood Schools in the suburbs of Karachi, for the children who play on streets or work as child labours with their parents, and there is no school exists for their children in those areas. Our society is running 17 free schools in the suburbs of Karachi providing Free Education, Textbooks, Copies and Uniforms to all the students of Raunaq-e-Islam Street to Schools and Raunaq-e-Islam Neighbourhood Schools.